Swearing is proposed to be fined in the town of Rochdale, U.K.


They have in plan to ban swearing and implement huge fines for those caught cursing. The same rules are also due to outlaw playing loud music, begging, skateboarding and drinking in public, all of which would be punishable by on-the-spot fines. If “offenders” fail to pay the initial fines, they could be taken to court and ultimately face pay-outs of up to £1,000 ($1,220). Precedents exist in the U.K.: some English towns have banned people from gathering in groups of more than two people and others have implemented rules than stop teenagers leaving their homes at night. However, in this case, people have no idea whether something they’re about to say is illegal or not, because there is only a vague categorization of “foul and abusive language”.

Opponents exist and they expressed fear that such rules will produce abuses. In the history of Rochdale are some notable characters: poet George Gordon Byron was Lord Byron of Rochdale; Samuel Bamford, the radical and writer; and Rev. Joseph Cooke, the inspiration behind the Methodist Unitarian movement, were from Rochdale. Poet John Siddique, novelist Anna Jacobs, footballer Earl Barrett and Olympian Craig Dawson were all born on Rochdale.


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