Man from Ireland buried alive in a coffin three days for a charity goal


A tube will be fitted to supply fresh air and supplies through his ordeal and he will have his home comforts – his woolly socks and hot water bottle. For John it is the second time being buried. The “Walking Free” project is about bringing people together, interacting with them and offering help and support and words of life from the grave. “We are trying to get across the message that you need not be in a coffin prematurely, there is help there and you can overcome addiction and illness,” Edwards said. The charity initiative, which he started 23 years ago, helps drug addicts, alcoholics and people with suicidal tendencies and eating disorders, to start a new life.

Mr Edwards is a former victim of substance abuse for two decades. He wishes to give hope to people from the grave, using the hashtag #GraveChat on social media and spread the word. He has already broadcast several live video streams on his Facebook page from his morbid home. “The message from the grave is one of hope – hope for those who are struggling with addictions, hope for those who feel life is hopeless, and hope of life that is eternal,” Willowfield Rector, David McClay said. During this experience Edwards will talk to people online.” I want to talk to as many people as possible so will only sleep for two or three hours,” he explained.


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