Postman attacked by a dog in Dublin received important financial compensation in High Court


On the day of the attack, the gate was left open at the house in St Margaret’s in Co Dublin. When Mr McCreary went to the back of his van to get the post for delivery the dog knocked him to the ground. He was initially attacked in the chest area and after was wounded on one leg. The owner’s son pulled the dog off him. After, he was taken to hospital by ambulance. His leg then became infected and he required daily treatment for three months. He suffered from flashbacks and is hypersensitive to cold weather in the area of his scars. “I don’t blame the dog, I blame the owner,” the postman said. He sued the dog’s owner, Sheelagh Morris from Mill Head, St Margaret’s Co Dublin, for negligence, breach of duty and nuisance in the ownership and management of a dog. and he won.


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