A woman from the Netherlands “arrested” just for making her pleasure at 99 year old


Last week, Annie’s niece contacted the Politie Nijmegen-Zuid, in the east of the Netherlands, and told them about her aunt’s bucket list. They decided to satisfy the women offering her the chance to be treated as an criminal suspect just for enjoying to play a such “game.” “Some arrangements were made and then we picked her up at her home [in a police car],” a police spokesperson told to the media. So Annie was driven to the police station and “locked in a cell” with handcuffs on. She remained for a few minutes in the cell and was happy to do this. She was smiling all the time. “We don’t usually do this, but we made an exception for Annie. (…)We don’t know why it was on her bucket list,” said the spokesperson. After and for amusement, the police posted the story on Facebook.


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