A man deliberately drove a car into pedestrians in Heidelberg, Germany


The other two injured were a 32-year-old Austrian man and a 29-year-old woman from Bosnia-Herzegovina The rental car had license plates registered to Hamburg. The attacker was also armed with a knife. The attacker left the car. The man is said to have escaped on foot with a knife in his hand towards Bergheimer Straße. There he met a patrol of the police.  He was tracked down, shot and seriously injured by police near an old swimming pool. Unofficially information said that the attacker was mentally disturbed. There are no indications this was a terrorist attack, police declared. Prosecutors and police believe the man appears to have acted alone. The suspect driver was taken to hospital with a serious gunshot wound. There was no immediate word on the man’s possible motives for his action. No further details have been released.


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