A blast occurred at the Flamanville nuclear plant in France


The power plant on France’s Normandy coast is located some 15 miles west of the port of Cherbourg. The plant has two pressurised water reactors built in 1986, 1987 that produce 1.3 GWe each. In 2006, before the start of construction of the EPR (unit 3), there were 671 workers regularly working at the two operational reactors. The cause of the fire, in the machine room of the No. 1 reactor, was under investigation .Initial suspicions focused on a possible electrical short-circuit. No. 1 reactor was subsequently disconnected from the grid. Flamanville has two 1,300-megawatt reactors, in operation since 1985 and 1986. Construction on a new reactor, Flamanville 3, began on 4 December 2007 but the project is three times over budget and years behind schedule. The estimated costs have escalated to €8.5 billion ($11 billion), and the completion of construction was delayed to 2017. Various safety problems have been raised, including weakness in the steel used in the reactor.


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