A Frenchman ordered to pay $4,000 in damages after insulting family and kid on Facebook


Her. husband chimed in on the post, insulting the child and blaming him for his wife’s injury. Jennifer Martinez, the mother of the eight-year-old boy found soon about the insult. Her son, Evan, got predictably upset. He stopped eating and refused to go back to school. His mom planned to transfer him to a different school. “He ran away from the school gates in tears and said he wanted to change schools. I felt sick. This is my own son. I lost sleep about it,” she told to the media. Neither the little boy nor his family received an apology from the housekeeper’s husband, which, she said, led them to take the matter to the courts.” All I want is to annoy him as much as he has bothered us, to support my son and make him understand that it is not to call children ‘fat pigs’ the affected mother declared.”


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