Teenager falls from Europe’s tallest building while taking a selfie


There are two versions over the student’s tragic fall: one with the tragic selfie which is currently being considered and another one saying that the student was on a skating rink located on top of the skyscraper from where the tragic fall happened. According to the building’s security, the student was at the skating rink with his father. Some of the eye-witnesses even argue that the teenager might have intentionally jumped. There’s one statement saying the two argued and that in the heat of the moment “Alexander ran to a helicopter pad and jumped off”.

The sky-high OKO block is by far the most visited place in Moscow. Besides its glittering new attraction, skating rink, the building also houses residential accommodations and offices. The entry fee for the skating rink is Entry to the rink is close to $50 USD. The ice covers an area of 420 square metres and makes the perfect place for teenagers to come and recreate themselves.


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