British Prim Minister Theresa May expects positive results after Brexit


She announced extra training for teachers, more online self-checking for those with concerns and a review of services for children and teenagers. “I don’t accept the terms hard and soft Brexit. What we’re doing is going to get an ambitious, good and best possible deal for the United Kingdom in terms of trading with and operating within the single European market,” British Prim Minister said. However, opinions are different in the British government. Labour’s shadow minister Andrew Gywnne, as an example, said it would “take more than a speech and a slogan for Theresa May to convince people that she wants to tackle division in society”. Britain’s immigration policy will be one of the central themes of the upcoming Brexit negotiations, which are expected to last up to two years. Some industries that rely on foreign labor are anxious about continued access to migrant workers after Britain leaves the European Union. The agricultural industry is already struggling with a worker deficit. Various problems must be solved and no one know exactly how to do.


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