Car bomb detonated in front of a Turkish courthouse in Izmir


Izmir Governor Erol Ayyıldız said that a police officer noticed the bomb-laden vehicle and tried to search the vehicle. Upon his intervention, the terrorists detonated the vehicle. greater damage and casualties were prevented. Some injured were brought to the nearby Ege University Hospital. Another bomb-laden car was defused at the scene, while at least two automatic rifles, one rocket propelled grenade launcher (RPG) and eight hand grenades were captured from the terrorists. A firefight between three of the suspected attackers and police erupted after the explosion. Two of the suspected attackers were killed in an ensuing shootout with police. The police are looking for a third suspect, described as wearing a black coat and a white beret. The regional governor told Turkish media that officials suspected Kurdish militants from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) group were behind the Izmir attack.


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