Five thousand birds will die as highly infectious bird flu strain reaches Britain


Defra, the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs, confirmed yesterday details about the outbreak. More than 5,000 birds from the Lincolnshire farm were confirmed to have been affected. Most of them already died and the remaining will be humanely culled. The World Health Organisation explained that despite being at a low risk of getting infected, humans can still get the H5N8 avian flu virus and as a result this scenario “cannot be excluded”.

Defra is currently investigating the cause of the outbreak. Until more details surface, authorities decided to put in place a protection zone of 3km around the infected farm in order to lower the risk of the disease spreading. Furthermore, a 10km surveillance zone was also instated. Investigators believe that the emergence of the bird flu in Britain will not have any negative impact on the supplies of turkeys or other birds over Christmas.
Nor will the bird flu pose a food-safety risk for UK consumers.


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