Many victims killed in a pupils dorm fire in Turkish region of Adana


Victims particularly whose were unable to open a closed fire door to escape the top floors of the building. “22 citizens are injured”, Adana region governor Mahmut Demirtas told to the media. The firefighters battle with fire was fard. Parts of the dormitory were turned into a blazing wreck and whose roof collapsed. Survivors girls were terrified. Some of them jumped off the window to escape from fire. Aladag district’s mayor Mustafa Alpgedik revealed that the fire erupted on the ground floor and then the flames spread because the third floor was wooden. The governor’s office will start an investigation. The private dorm had a capacity for 54 students and was open to both secondary and high school students. It was used by 34 students. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was informed about the tragic event.


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