UK cinema chain decision to open on Christmas day angers church leaders


Church leaders, who criticised the cinema chain for refusing to show a short Church of England ad featuring the Archbishop of Canterbury and others reciting lines from the Lord’s Prayer last year, have now said this year’s decision to keep the movie theaters open on one of the most important days celebrated by Christianity, is a clear sign of disrespect for traditional values as old as Christianity itself. Large stores are forbidden by law to open up on December 25, by The Christmas Day Trading Act of 2004, but such restrictions are not imposed to cinemas.

When asked to comment, Church officials declared that on Christmas day people worldwide should remember something greater than themselves – “the birth of Jesus Christ with his message of goodwill, hope, salvation and peace”. A member of the Church’s general synod continued by saying: “The stillness of Christmas Day in our country is one of the last reminders of our great Christian heritage. Do we want to ruin this?”.


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