The indeterminate sentences system in the UK ruined lives even after it was abolished


James Ward was 19 years old when he was given a 10-month IPP sentence. But after 11 years, now, he is still inside. James’ family insist he has not been given a fair chance to prove he is no longer a danger to the public. In a letter sent to his family, James said he is losing hope of ever being released. His word ”is a bed, a cupboard, a toilet and a sink,” he wrote. Despite repeated attempts over the last decade, James has not been able to convince his Parole Board that he is safe to be released. But the indeterminate sentence was abolished in 2012 following inappropriate over-usage but for people like James and others  4,000 men and women the reparation was not made. Andrew Neilson from the Howard League For Penal Reform is calling for urgent government action to help these inmates. Justice Secretary Liz Truss has admitted there are “very serious issues” but nothing changed.


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