Unexpected “time capsule” found underground a factory in the U.K.


“It was notionally known about, but nobody had opened it up to take a look,” Anna Bamford, Nuttalls’ marketing manager, told to the media. The discovery is a fully-equipped fire station complete with dust-covered pump, hoses, and firefighters’ uniforms hanging on the wall. Documents in the fire station are dated from 50s and 60s, including a certificate awarded to one of the firefighters in a competition against other stations.

The pump is supposed to be the oldest piece, more than 80 years old and is considered “a really special piece.” The factory was built in 1915 to manufacture munitions during World War I. After, it was used for car manufacturing and only from 1986 is owned by the Alan Nuttall Partnership. They have now even their own “museum” and curiosity attraction too.


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