More than 77 people injured in Malaga blast


Witnesses got to film the incident and post their video footage on different social media platforms. The recordings show how people are fleeing a fire inside a small restaurant located close to the centre of Velez-Malaga. It can also be seen how the street outside is covered in debris. The damage would have been bigger if not for a cook at the restaurant, who was able to alert customers about a fire in the kitchen. This gave most people enough time to escape serious injury.

The number of injured people was however high. So high that Police forces had to transport some of the injured to the hospital in their own cars because there were not enough ambulances at the scene. The majority of injuries were cuts and bruises and none of those who were seriously injured in the accident are considered to be at risk of death. The mayor of Velez-Malaga stressed there will be coordination among all municipal areas.


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