PM Theresa May will start Brexit negotiations with Brussels in January


Tusk showed the Brexit timetable to leaders of the 27 countries that will remain EU members at a meeting that took place yesterday in Bratislava. Theresa May was not present at this summit to discuss about the two-year formal exit process. Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president, explained how he fails to ‘see any possibility of compromising’ on the issue of not allowing Britain to restrict immigration from the EU. This topic was brought up because of Britain’s well known intentions to retain membership of the single market.

Junker also stressed that “Brexit means something was wrong with Britain”. Brexit is indeed seen by many as being a symptom and not the cause. And as we all know if the cause for any illness or disease goes untreated then things can soon get worse. This could be the same here, but only time will tell. Mr Tusk concluded by expressing his views on the situation as chair of the meeting: “It was a sad moment for Europe when the British people decided to leave.. Our assessment is sober but not defeatist. While the EU is not perfect it is what we have best. That is why we are determined to correct the past mistakes and move on as an EU as 27”.


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