Charlie Hebdo French magazine sued by Amatrice Town Council for aggravated defamation


The town was largely flattened by the magnitude 6 earthquake which struck on August 24 and the majority of the 295 victims were from the Amatrice town. Charlie Hebdo referred to the bad event entitling ‘Earthquake Italian style.’ They depicted a man covered in blood next to ‘Penne in tomato sauce’, a badly scuffed up woman labeled ‘Penne au gratin’ while feet sticking out between the floors of a collapsed building was titled as ‘Lasagnes.’ It was too much for the Italians who considered “this is macabre, senseless and inconceivable insult to victims of a natural event.”

Prosecutors in Rieti retained aggravated defamation over the French satirical magazine’s controversial cartoon. This is not the first controversial work of Charlie Hebdo. “Whas this really necessarily ?” asked one from many people who commented at Twitter.


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