ISIS are trying to join German military forces to get free training


The Government believes this will help the country fight against terrorists, extremists and even other criminals. The security checks would be done by ’s counter-intelligence agency. The draft document justifying the needed changes was already made public to the press. Officials have also explained that the reason for the changes is that Islamists are trying to get ‘so-called short-term servicemen into the armed forces’ just so that they can get trained for combat.

Plans to step up security in have already been made public by the interior minister not long after a series of violent attacks in July (two of them were claimed by Islamic State). According to security sources, the cabinet is set to approve a change to the military act by next week. Same sources details how the military counter-intelligence agency is investigating the background of 268 suspected right-wing extremists, 64 suspected Islamists and 6 suspected left-wing extremists who are currently members of the armed forces.


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