Airlander 10 airship had a crash landing after its second flight test


Because it can take off and land vertically it does not need a tarmac runway. It can also operate from open fields, deserts, ice or water. However, something was wrong and the aircraft has crash-landed Wednesday after flight test.It was its second flight. “No damage was sustained mid-air,” the company said. All crew are safe and well and there are no injuries. The ship appears to have run into problems as it was making its way back onto the ground. The ship is on sale for £25 million. Airlander 10 can carry a ten tons payload and is supposed to be able to stay in the air for up to five days. It can travel at a speed of 92mph. It is hoped the Airlander 50 will be soon developed, which would be able to transport 50 tons.


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