Woman, 51, was to pay 1000 times more for meal at Luton Airport in London


“The man behind the till used the card machine and I put the card in. He typed the amount and I stupidly just put my pin in.(…) We waited and waited and then he said to me that my card had been declined,” the woman remembered. The bank explained later that they declined the charge because it was unusually large For Elbie it was a terribly chock. She. had however to made a count: how many burgers she could virtually buy from the fast-food chain with a such amount of money ? The result is to be considered without other words: 2,435 ! Elbie Todd works in finance. She had no difficulties to understand it was a mistake. But she says, now: ‘I would go to Burger King again but I will always be wary when I use a chip and pin.”


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