First nudist roof terrace in London , sponsored by an Internet television


“The nudist terrace was opened following new research from NowTV which revealed that young Brits today are truly the ‘No Strings’ generation, as they avoid being ‘tied down’ in life compared to their parents,” said Now TV’s Gidon Katz. So, the terrace opened but people must to have a chance to be inside. This is because it has been created to promote NOW TV, and people need to email the organizers for a chance of being picked for future opening dates. Just for comparison, London’s first naked restaurant The Bunyadi  has a waiting list of 40,000 people. Now TV is an internet television service owned by Sky plc, launched in the United Kingdom on July 2012. Film and entertainment channels are accessed by paying a monthly fee, and sports on an ad-hoc basis (“pay as you go”).


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