Anonymous billionaire accidentally pays £1MILLION for dinner


Abdul Wahid saved “the day” for the millionaire who will remain unnamed, as he noticed the error right away. He informed the diner that he probably got the most expensive meals in the world and let him know that the payment of £1,006,082.04 had been authorised by his bank. Together they clarified the error with the bank.

The 51-year-old restaurant owner, who opened the Rajpoot Indian Restaurant seven months ago, detailed how it all happened: “When he came to pay I gave him the card machine and he asked to put in the amount himself but it didn’t go through. I then had to phone the bank for him.. At this time he still had the card machine so I never saw the amount he had typed in. But 10 minutes later I took the machine and looked at it and I just said: ‘oh my god what’s happened, what have you done my friend?'”.


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