France wants to get rid of sexism in games


Although the discussions are still in an early phase, a finalized proposal is expected by the end of 2016. Labels to help distinguish these games to consumers and financial incentives offered to game producers that promote a positive image of women, are just few of the discussed solutions. But this is not the first time the subject of games portraying a “degrading image of women” is brought up. Last year, a socialist deputy of the National Assembly, proposed legislation to exclude games that promote sexism from receiving government tax credits.

Unfortunatelly, the amendment was withdrawn back in January this year because some industry groups strongly opposed it. Back in 2014 Sweden also considered a similar labeling system which was based on the Bechdel test. Other proposals would create a new game category for those “sexism inciting video games” and force the producers to label them with the highest age rating (18 and over) and disallow any prime time TV advertising for that particular games.


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