Dutch dentist sentenced eight years in prison in France for mutilating patients


  Jacobus Marinus Van Nierop, 51, showed no signs of emotion when the court in the central town of Nevers returned its verdict. He even told: : “I have no feelings anymore. So, if I was offering my apologies today, I would be lying.” The court barred him from practicing dentistry for life. About 100 plaintiffs had filed complaints against him. Multiple healthy teeth removed, drill bits left in their gums and teeth, abscesses, recurrent infections and misshapen mouths where the “results” after he did work on patients from 2009 to 2012. In their 130-page ruling, the judges convicted the Dutchman of 85 counts of assault, including 45 counts of mutilation, and of 61 counts of against patients, their health insurance companies and the local social security agency.

Van Nierop  has been detained in a French prison since January 2015. He provided false documents to practice dentistry in France. While living in an imposing home with a swimming pool, driving expensive cars and visiting luxurious hotels, the Dutchman had debts of nearly 1 million euros, according to court documents.


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