London Marathon had a replica in space this year


Peake, 44, was strapped to a specially-designed treadmill which counters the lack of gravity on board the International Space Station. After finishing his run, Peake tweeted: ‘Congratulations to everyone in #LondonMarathon & #teamastronaut. Gonna sleep well tonight!’ On the ground, on Earth in the British capital, more than 39,000 people completed the London Marathon, the biggest number ever as the event marked its 36th edition.

Before the marathon today, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met with runners in Kensington Palace. Many celebrities also joined the runners from his year’s race, including Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer, who ran for the NSPCC, and Top Gear host Chris Evans, who took on the challenge for the second year in a row, raising money for Children in Need. Some runners took part in the Marathon with many dressing up in costumes, even as a Star Wars stormtrooper or with a gorilla costume, running the course for charity.


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