Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed legal investigation of satirist Jan Böhmermann


She also announced on Friday that her government will draft a proposal to replace the current law that criminalizes insulting foreign heads of state, making it “dispensable in the future.” The private defamation case could result in a one-year prison for Böhmermann. A controversy is open however regarding the case. The SPD’s parliamentary head (Social Democrats) Thomas Oppermann tweeted his disapproval: “I think the decision is wrong. Prosecution of satire because of ‘lese-majeste law’ doesn’t fit with modern democracy.” Justice Minister Heiko Maas – a member of the SPD – said the decision on whether or not Böhmermann’s poem was satire or defamation, is entirely up to the courts. Merkel and top EU officials will visit Turkey on April 23 as a “follow-up” to the EU-Turkey deal to stem the flow of into Europe.


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