Three armed militants killed after attacking a local police station in southern Russia


Security has been ramped up in the town and the surrounding area, which has some 26,000 residents. The identities of the attackers and their possible links to the insurgency in southern Russia are being investigated. For the instant there is no other information about the motivation of attackers. Schools and day care centers in Novoselitskoye were evacuated. Even unexpected, this attack was not a totally new fact. The Stavropol region is close to the North Caucasus, where an Islamic insurgency has simmered for years. In Dagestan, the center of the insurgency, many of the bombings and attacks have targeted police and other officials. Dagestan also has proved to be a fertile recruiting ground for the Islamic State group. The attack could raise security concerns for the 2018 World Cup, since the Stavropol region will host four training bases for national soccer teams.


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