France wants to stop prostitution


Clients of prostitutes have to pay a fine of 1,500 €. That penalty will rise to €3,750 for repeat offenders. The National Assembly has to approve the bill. Prostitutes fear this will only make their lives more dangerous. “We will simply face more poverty, more violence and more stigmatization,” they say. “The prostitutes will be forced to work in remote places, hidden away so as not to risk being discovered by the police. This will simply mean they will be more exposed to violence, theft and rape,” Morgane Merteuil, who is a spokeswoman for sex workers’ union Strass, told to the media. It will be even difficult for prostituts to go to the police and make a complaint when is the case, she added. “The bill will give essential support to people who want to get out of prostitution, and help them reintegrate into society with jobs, and accommodation,” the associations working with sex workers insist. Brothels are legal in some countries like Germany, Belgium and Spain.


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