Teenager buys alcohol using a fake ID with a cartoon character picture


The identification can be done by showing a passport, the driving license or the ID card.

Authorities began an undercover operation in order to see if retailers adopted the Challenge 25 policy (the retailing strategy for alcohol). An 18 year old teenager that looked a little younger was given a fake ID card. The fake ID card showed he was only 17 years old. The ID card did not have the teenager’s picture. The photo on the card was of a well-known cartoon character Bobby King from the hit television show King of the Hill. Authorities say that these are the most common 3 ways used by under-aged teenagers to buy alcohol.

Some under-aged teenagers use their real ID when asked for an ID and manage to buy alcohol because the person selling it doesn’t properly check their age. Others just use someone else’s ID or a fake ID. The county council trading standards operation had the teenager attempt to buy alcohol from 22 shops. Out of the 13 shops that sold him alcohol, seven did not even ask for his ID card.

What’s even more worrying is the fact that the six stores that asked and checked his ID sold him alcohol even though the presented ID was clearly a fake ID.



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