Nine months pregnant woman fined for using family parking space


As the ticket was issued almost an hour after she had first walked into Asda, Olivia thought she should try and justify her actions. When the expectant mother explained that she couldn’t find a wider parking space near the supermarket entrance, what happened next shocked her. The supermarket employee was so rude to interrupt her and tell the woman that she “didn’t count as a parent yet”. The woman thus went to the store manager. Here, according to her: “The manager then even said if I hadn’t been pregnant he might not have even given me a ticket as I look so young and the upper age is 12”

Overall Olivia is sorry for parking in the special bay but she explains that she would have used another parking space if there would have been enough room to open the door and get out safely in her condition. The woman feels that the situation was dealt badly considering that in her state of pregnancy it is unacceptable for someone to expect her to get out from the car with cars parked closely on either side. She later appealed the ticket and the store officially apologised for the incident.


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