Some pigeons help measuring air pollution level in London this week


All of these sensors and GPS units only weigh 25 grams each. For the instant the campaig will last a few days and only ten pigeons are used. A live map is also being updated as the pigeons fly around, detailing the levels of pollution in different areas of the capital. The pigeons used in the study are racing pigeons, who usually live four times longer than street pigeons because they’re so well cared for. After achieving their task the pigeons will be back to their normal life. “Air pollution is a huge environmental health issue, killing 10,000 people every year in London alone,’ said Romain Lacombe, chief executive office of Plume Labs. The company are looking to use humans asbeta-testers in the future. “We’re looking for 100 people to beta test our new pollution sensor, in partnership with Imperial College London,’ their website says.


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