A political party officially supports the legalisation of cannabis in the UK


But money is not the only gain for allowing shops to sell the drug. It is estimated that drug-related crime rates will also drop dramatically. The liberal democrats already have a plan for how cannabis should be sold. Licenses to sell cannabis will be granted to shops where customers will be able to find small amounts of the drug in plain packaging. Similar to the cigarette industry, marijuana packages would need to advertise the health warnings one is exposing to.

According to Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron the prohibition on cannabis has failed. This is why the party believes now is the time to explore ways of legalising the industry. Some details regarding how things would go out if cannabis legalisation is voted were discussed during an informal meeting with representatives from a US investment fund that has a 30-year deal to sell cannabis under the brand name of the reggae star Bob Marley. With the current view, Households would be able to grow marijuana too. Marijuana grown in homes would be for personal consumption only.


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