Teenager gets to keep $19000 gold bar after police were unable to track its owner


The teenager, who is not being named, found the gold while she was visiting the Königssee lake near the Alps. As she was swimming in the lake, the girl noticed something on the bottom of the lake, just two meters beneath the water’s surface. Without any hesitation she turned the found gold to the police in Berchtesgaden, .

The 6cm gold bar weighs 500 grams which puts its value at $19000. With several markings, including different references to its fineness and weight, authorities were confident they will track down the gold owner. A long search began. After six months they were unable to find anyone who might have lost the gold bar. Back in 2015 gold bars made their way into news headlines also as treasure hunters Andreas Richter and Piotr Koper claimed they had found a Nazi train full of gems and gold in Poland. Further investigations led by Polish scientists revealed that there never was a train at the referenced site.


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