Former Wal-Mart employee wins $31 million in court


The company fired McPadden back in 2012 after she lost the Wal-Mart’s Seabrook, N.H., pharmacy key. In court they denied any wrong conduct. Maureen McPadden claimed in court that she was fired after she reported safety concerns about co-workers dispensing prescriptions. Wal-Mart does not agree with the verdict and will do an appeal.

According to a spokesman McPadden was not at her first mistake as she was disciplined before. Bentonville, Ark., company claim the lost key led to her dismissal due to what happened despite other claims from the former Wal-Mart pharmacist in New Hampshire. A day before in court the company explained that the facts do not support the verdict and declared it plans to have the decision changed by asking for a review.


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