French politicians warn that terrorists could pose as homeless people


The report document reads: “Terrorists can get in by blending with the homeless people that sleep in the Metro at night, then seize the opportunity to carry out any number of attacks. They could sabotage the stations or install explosives”. According to the senators there are some serious security loopholes which France should consider fixing in its capital’s transport network. Furthermore, the risk of such attacks can be reduced if more housing options are to be provided for the homeless. Politicians also urge to a better CCTV and security coverage.

But as laws will change so will the impact security has upon people’s lives. SNCF, the France state-owned railway, has already confirmed that they could roll up security cameras across France. Furthermore, its security agents might soon receive the power to search passengers’ luggage and perform patdowns as a low to allow this is under consideration. Airport-style security gates like the one installed last month at Paris Gare du Nord could soon be requested in other train stations too. All these measures are needed because the terrorist threat is real and doesn’t show signs to be stopping any time soon. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls detailed this to the press in a statement: “We know that operations were being prepared and are still being prepared, not only against France but other European countries too.. France will be living with the threat of terror attacks for a long time”.


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