President Putin announced advanced Russian research for Ebola vaccine


Foreign scientists argue that the vaccine passed only the highest stage of testing from the three stages requested before it can be given to humans and it’s  impossible to even discuss how effective it would be. “The best they could say is it’s just promisin,” Ira Longini, a professor of infectious diseases at Florida University’s Emerging Pathogens Institute said to the media. Longini was involved in a clinical trial last year of a vaccine developed by the U.S. company Merck, with trial conducted on behalf of the World Health Organization. Putin did not give details about the Russian vaccine. The most tricky part of this story is the fact that even if it’s ready to test, the new vaccine can be applied only when Ebola will manifest again somewhere in the world. At the present, fortunately, the World Health Organization is expected to declare an end to the epidemic in Africa.


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