Avalanche in French Alps Wednesday killed at least two teenagers and one adult


That area had a Level 3 out of a five-level avalanche risk, meaning there was an above average risk of ruptures at high altitudes. Two of those students and the Ukrainian died in its aftermath, the statement said, while the students’ teacher was taken to CHU hospital in Grenoble. Several youngsters were found in a state of cardiac arrest. Five people are unaccounted for.” Helicopters and some 80 people were part of the rescue effort, including military personnel, police, dog search and rescue teams, according to the Interior Minister. After a slow start to the season, French ski resorts have received as much as 60cm of new snow in the past week. French President Francois Hollande offered “sincere condolences” to the victims’ families and said “the solidarity of the whole nation” was with them.


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