Detected traces of explosive powder lead to Stockholm airport evacuation


According to police duty officer Roland Lindkvist “The baggage and departure halls were evacuated, which has affected departing flights but not arrivals”. Airport officials even released a statement on Stockholm-Skavsta Airport’s official website informing passengers about the incident as it happened: “The terminal for departing passengers is closed due to possible indication of suspicious object.

‘Bomb squad is on site, and has started their work with the bag. The airport is awaiting clearance from the police to re-open the terminal and resume air traffic”. As a result the check-in process was also temporary closed.

The suspicious hand luggage that generated these events in an airport that handles 2.5 million passengers a year belonged to an elderly lady that declared she didn’t know how the explosive powder got on her bag. She cooperated with authorities to help find the real culprit.


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