Croupier at Cromwell Mint Casino, West London, arrested for theft


The croupier managed to drop the stolen chips in a false pocket located in his trousers. With the help of the tube the chips were hidden in his sock. During his cigarette break the man met with the female accomplice that helped him unload some of the stolen chips. Police officials say that the exact amount of chips that was stolen from the Casino is not known as of now.

The sum of £12,000 cash was found when Police searched his flat. The man was earning £30,000 a year, plus tips at the casino owned by Genting, a Malaysian corporation. Bosses began suspecting him after a routine monitoring of the croupier while he was working at a gaming table. Security guards caught the man red handed in a check done before he could pass the stolen chips. Police were called and cautioned the man on the spot. After being arrested he was lucky enough to get away as the Casino dropped their charges.


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