Passenger compensated by airline after having his genitals scalded with boiling tea


He asked to be compensated because  his genitals, thighs, groin and abdomen were burned when the blistering drink fell into his lap when it was being passed over him to another passenger and because he was publicly exposed on an emergency seat with a dressing applied to the scalded parts of his body. The victim said that his social, domestic and recreational lifestyle had been ‘interfered with’ after he was burned. The airline said first that he was not paying attention. Ryanair had prepared a defence and were ready to claim that they were not responsible. However finally, this week, after three years, the air company had agreed to settle for £28,000. Ryanair Ltd. is headquartered in Swords, Dublin, Ireland. Ryanair’s route network serves 31 countries in Europe, Africa (Morocco), and the Middle East (Cyprus and Israel).


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