The life without Facebook experiment in Denmark


This makes the Facebook world, where everyone’s showing their best side, seem even more distortedly bright by contrast, so we wanted to see what happened when users took a break.” Many participants in the study are Facebook addicted. “When I woke up, even before getting out of bed, I’d open Facebook on my phone just to check if something exciting or important had happened during the night. I worried I’d end up on Facebook just out of habit,”said one of them. The same perso, a woman, declared after seven days: “After a few days, I noticed my to-do list was getting done faster than normal as I spent my time more productively. I also felt a sort of calmness from not being confronted by Facebook all the time.” Some people agreed to extend “the life without Facebook” for a longer time, up one year. The researchers are excited to verify their conclusion during a such period.


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