Family told to take their names off the electoral roll for their own safety


William Crompton, the 18-year-old son of the family that is now fearing for their life, was killed in a similar manner as he suffered 38 stab wounds from a brutal attack. Cole not only admitted to his crimes but confessed publicly that he was ever going to be set free he will kill again. The convicted killer from Llandrindod Wells, Mid Wales, has served until this date 18 years in prison for his crimes. Last Tuesday a tribunal ruling freed Andrew Cole. Authorities cared to calm the family who now knows that a very dangerous man was let back into society.

“Offenders released on licence are subject to strict controls and if these are breached they can be recalled to custody”, a spokesperson from the Ministry of Justice cared to comment. Family members don’t know what to expect. Crompton’s brother, 35-year-old, believes that Cole might have a score to settle with them. For now the solution authorities provided to the scared family was to take their names off the electoral roll for their own safety.


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