British teenager 15-year-old sentenced to detention for life for terrorism


The boy assisted and had a vital role in the planning the attack and ensured the person he was inciting stayed on track to carry out the plot on Anzac Day. That plot included decapitating a police officer, driving into a crowd with a car with an ISIS flag on the bonnet, other police that would arrive on the scene and practicing decapitating a loner in the days leading up to the event. The youth was in direct contact with notorious Australian ISIS recruiter Khaled al-Cambodi as well as three terrorist-linked British hate preachers. His defender sustained his client know new what he had done was “barbaric, immoral and wholly wrong” and he was rehabilitating. However, even an expert affirmed he had never seen such entrenched radical views in a suspect. The judge offered a minimum five years minimum term as a “window of opportunity” to see if the boy can be deradicalised before he is moved into the adult prison system.


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