The Eiffel Tower was temporarily closed Sunday in Paris


As an immediate measure, the tower was evacuated. Anti-terrorist police was supported by a helicopter. A police cordon was formed around the tower  Search results for dangerous material were negative . The man has not yet been found. The tower reopened in the early afternoon. France has been on high alert following multiple terrorist attacks. The Eiffel Tower has been threatened by terrorist groups before. France’s  Eiffel Tower is one of the world’s most visited attractions. It receives as many as 30,000 daily visitors. Regarding the actual incident it’s supposed that the man may have been a parachutist hoping to perform a jump. “It’s happened in the past,” police said. Climbing any part of the Eiffel Tower and jumping from any part of the Eiffel Tower by any means whatsoever are prohibited in application of the municipal by-law dated February 15, 2010.


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