Teenagers sentenced in prison for committing like ISIS murder in Denmark


Investigation determined that the girl and her 29-year-old boyfriend, Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla, were ISIS fans. They had been watching Isis beheading videos “the whole evening long” and even just before the murder occurred. Their preferred ISIS video was of British hostages David Haines and Alan Henning being killed. Romer Holtegaard, the mother, was found fatally stabbed at least 20 times with a kitchen knife. The fingerprints of Borch’s boyfriend were also found in Holtegaard’s bedroom. The prosecution told the court: “This murder was cold-blooded, ice cold and committed in a bestial manner.” The 15-year-old girl has been jailed for murdering her mother and was sentenced now to nine years imprisonment. Abdullah was sentenced to 13 years in prison.


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