The refugee crisis, a big actual problem for the entire Europe


Announcing that   will receive 500,000 early for several years, Merkel said: “I am deeply convinced that this is task that will decide whether we maintain our European values. The entire world is watching us.” Another country with generous asylum policies is Sweden. British Prime Minister David Cameron announced Monday that Britain would resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees directly from the Middle East over the next five years. The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland called the quota proposal unacceptable. Hungary is building a border fence and Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced that the government would speed up construction. More than 4 million Syrian refugees are on the way and there are not solutions for this. “We would prefer that no refugee would have to take that dangerous journey to have to reach safety in Europe,” said Melissa Fleming, a spokeswoman for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.



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