Driver lost control of car and plowed into the crowd at a rally in northwest Spain


Between the victims, Ana Cayazzo and partner Miguel Caridad, both in their 20s, died instantly. She was a heavily-pregnant woman due to give birth. There were at least 16 people injured. Carral mayor Jose Luis Fernandez Mouriño told on a radio that he would have stood in the same spot if he had gone to see the race with his children” “there’s no security but in this case apparently there was no danger.” Local Civil Guard traffic chief Francisco Javier Molano specified: “All the documentation, the drivers and the vehicles had been checked and everything was correct. Despite this, terrible events of this kind happen.” The first ambulance had taken 20 minutes to reach the scene. Seven ambulances took the injured to three hospitals in the nearby city of La Coruña. The driver and his co-pilot, named as Luis Miguel Prado Santos, were unhurt. Cambre mayor Oscar Garcia decreed three days of mourning.


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