Student raises money to repair her £20,000 sunken London houseboat


After loosing all of her possessions and the boat where she lived for the past two years, the girl knew it would take a miracle to get back on her feet. The houseboat has since been pumped and refloated but the woman was left with a huge repair bill.

Eve Squires, 34-year old mother of four, set up a GoFundMe page for her close friend Ms Dunne. At need her friends have shown interest to help as Genevieve Dunne explains: “Lots of people were asking what they can do to help so I thought to myself that although it’s nice to have well wishes, the only real way to help is practically”. Sure enough people she went to school with, she met travelling and even people she has never even met have began donating to the campaign opened in her name. Ms Dunne is amazed: “it’s just remarkable how people can come together..”. And as new beginnings go, this one doesn’t scare the student as she is excited for the new redo.


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