Penalties will apply to doctors for giving unnecessary antibiotics prescriptions, in the UK


They will be liable for disciplinary action was made to UK’s National Health Service by Centre for Clinical Practice, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. “There are people who are addicted to the idea of having antibiotics. They would try another doctor or search the internet to source medicines if they did not succeed with one doctor,” Mark Baker, director of clinical practice at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence said.

Not a single new major antibiotic has been discovered in over 30 years and the British government recommended that pharmaceutical companies set up a $2-billion global incentive fund to look for new antibiotics. It was calculated that drug-resistant infections will cost the world 10 million extra deaths a year and up to $100 trillion by 2050, if the global increase is not stopped. Currently, 700,000 deaths each year are attributed to drug resistance.


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